The weather this last week has been fantastic. Around the mid 20's for most of the week. It is lovely to see the sunshine and even better to work in it. The winds have been minimal making it a pleasure to be outside.
Lots of seeds and seedlings have been planted out this week into the mounds. Clipping the chicken's wings last week seems to have worked and so the seedlings have not been eaten and the mounds have stayed covered in straw!
I started to fill the blocks, along the path, with soil and plant herb seeds and seedlings. I am hoping that as they grow they will add to the look of the garden as well as the food. I planted out about 20 different types of seeds, basils, thyme, camomile, cumin to name but a few. It should smell nice too.

The nets were removed from the pool as well this week. We had to go and buy a new test kit and when tested it was too alkaline. We are beginning to resemble a pool shop here with stuff we have had to buy and only use once, but I guess it will store! Putting the nets over the pool seems to have cut down on the amount of dirt in it. It was still very green but changing the ph and then adding some chlorine has started to clear it. Hopefully this year we are going to have less trouble than previous years. I love this time of year but absolutely detest this job, it gets very frustrating when things do not work as they should. On Saturday we put the pump on, but it didn't work. Kev tried to take it apart and even with me helping we couldn't get the cover off! He decided to ring a friend, but no answer. So we put it back together and tried it and hey worked!!!!!!

The water now at least has a blue tinge to it. 

Since we had visitors arriving on Friday, from Wednesday onwards was preparing for their arrival. Everything had to be cleaned, all material was washed. I was hoping to get the cushions back out on the terrace, but the rain came on Thursday, so that made it impossible. It rained for most of the day but it wasn't really that heavy, so other than not having to water for a day it hasn't really had any effect on our water store. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get more...lots more.