What a busy week for Kev. He had 3 full days at home, which is becoming increasingly rare these days.
On Monday the asparagus was finally planted out. The bed was weeded and sticks put in to keep George off. We have room for 3 more plants but the George wouldn't have anywhere to lay so we have decided to leave him a patch.


The plants look quite small here but in the last week they have doubled in size. We are hoping to start cutting spears next year...but maybe the year after is more realistic. This is a permanent bed and we are intending to mulch with compost and straw to ensure the plants get the nutrients they will need to produce.
Kev also made a trellis for the front of the water store. This will hold the tomato plants, pepper plants and the cucumbers that have been planted in there. He seems to be on a roll using these free reeds. He has now thought of other things that they can be used for.


At least once it is all growing it will hide the peeling paintwork on the wall. It's a bit of a bad place to have this water tank but it would cost too much money to move it. We have thought about making it ground level and putting a patio on top. At the minute though we need all the water storage we can get so that is a thought for after we have our well put in and its up and running.
Another thing Kev did on Monday was try to get the duck pond finished. He managed to sort the sides with rocks and soil and even got the ducks to go in it. Unfortunately he didn't get a photo but I will try to get one at the weekend.

Tuesday morning and evening it rained. In the morning the rabbits were in the frame. We want to build them a propper run so that they can choose when they want to be out. Kev measured out the posts and wire netting. The idea is that the wire netting will be laid on the ground and covered with soil. It will be fixed to the bottom of the fence so that the rabbits cannot dig their way out, but so that they have loads of room. I also want to plant stuff in their for them so that they can be more free range than at the minute.
In the evening, while it was raining, we set about sorting our little chick out. He was born with splayed legs and could not walk. He couldn't get to the food or water and was surely going to die. I gave him water using the pastry brush and made him a splint using sticking plaster. Within an hour he was standing unaided and the video shows him after 20 hours of wearing the brace.

Wednesday Kev used plastic bottles to concrete the posts into for the rabbit run. The reason for this is so that it can be moveable in the future. We don't want to concrete them into the ground as we know at some stage we are going to build a rabbit warren so that they can be truely free range.  He also painted the covered terrace as rain, yet again, stopped play.
Thursday morning the boiler started to play up. It took Kev ages to get it to relight. Friday morning as soon as the shower was put on it went out again. This means a weekend job of trying to clean it out and get it working properly again. This always happens when we have visitors arriving...we have a week left until the second lot arrive and the boiler gives up the ghost. It's a normal occurance now and we just get on with fixing stuff rather than panic about it...as we used to!