The sun was shining all day today. The breeze picked up at dinner time but it was quite nice outside in the sunshine! Kev went off this morning to do his gardening job and I spent the morning washing the clothes. Once they were all pegged outside in the breezy sunshine I started to dig the back beds ready for seed planting tomorrow. It took me about 4 hours and I only completed one and a half beds. This is where I begin wishing the veggie patch was not so big!
When Kev returned from his job, he got the strimmer out for me again. He is so kind. I decided to strim around the back this time so now we can see the rocks around the beds again. Now I only have the 2 sides to strim and then it will be time to start again as the weeds seem to grow rather fast here.

The root bed ready for planting

The grass strimmed!

It actually is beginning to look like grass!

I actually enjoyed all this physical work. I must have worked off some serious calories today. So now by my logic I can have wine and chocolate!