I am doing a two day blog post today as the weather was bad yesterday. We had lots of showers throughout the day, so not a lot was achieved.

This morning was sunny and warm but a little windy. I set about planting out the cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in the front bed with the trellis Kev put up last week.


Next I went out to weed the onions, carrots and beetroot. I planted more carrots between the onions to give us a 3rd succession now. I will plant another lot out as the first lot are pulled.


Because of all the rain, the weeds are getting the better of us. Saying that, the onions look healthy enough so we must be doing something right.

In another bed we have squash growing. We wanted to try a trellis made from pallets, so today we made one and planted 6 squash plants by it. Hopefully they will grow up it and the fruit will hang between the slats and be shaded from the sun. Only time will tell if it will work.


You can see all the squash plants at the back of the pallets, between them I planted the third sowing of lettuce and the second of peas. I put the peas in a block to enable them to support each other rather than use sticks as we have done in the past.
We have some plants left over from last year and they are going to seed now. We shall wait for the pods to dry out and then collect the seed for next year.


The long pods are where the seeds grow. These are the brussel plants. We also have brocoli, raddish and spring onions going to seed too.


This is what carrots look like when they go to seed. We have 2 flower heads forming on this one, I will take more photos as they develop.


This is last years celery...at this rate we wont need to buy any seed for next year!

I prunned and staked the tomatoes this morning too. They hadn't really been looked after this year and so had loads of growth that should have been removed. They look better now and we used the leftover bits of reed to stake them with.


Next I tried to sort the trees. Weeding and mulching with straw and compost. The mulch helps to keep the moisture in the soil during the hot summer. It also breaks down slowly and releases nutrients to the tree. This helps with fruit growth.


I managed to see the ducks having fun in the pond too. I ran to get the camera and got there just as they had decided to get out. They are getting friendlier now. They run to greet you, either that or they are after food!