Today we got up and the sun was shining...back to sunny old Spain. Kev spent the day trying to fit the metal door on the cupboard he has built. It took 2 of us to get it up to the hinges and the door is not light by any means of the imagination. It was a bit of a comedy show but after about 10 minutes we had got it on the hinges.

Kev is going to build some moveable steps and fill in the bottom part. Hopefully this will keep the thieves at bay!
We were outside for most of the day today. I decided to try and clear the beds ready for the onions and garlic to go in on Christmas day! (This is when the Spanish plant theirs.) The chickens and turkeys had a feast on the weeds!
A before picture                            After                         I didn´t get it all done!

It will now have to wait until next weekend and by then the weeds will be tree like!
We lit the range about 1pm in order for the massive cooking session. Sunday dinner is a must at this time of the year. Roasted beetroot is one of the vegetables from the garden, they are lovely. We also use the leaves steamed...they are like spring greens....lovely.
I made chicken liver pate to go in our sandwiches for the week, just something different, I get bored with the same old all the time. I have made bread dough to go in the freezer so that we can have pizza and pitta wraps in the week. It makes it much easier to cook stuff like this when I come in from work.
I am trying out making chocolates for Christmas. We have my parents coming and the sweets here are horrible so I  made rum truffles today. The mixture is setting in the fridge as we speak. I will be finishing them off tomorrow when I get home from work.
At 4pm it started to rain again so all work outside stopped once again...its good for the water store though!

Ok so the truffles set before I thought they would...

They are very rich but really nice. 3 at the back are coated in coconut and the front ones are dusted with icing sugar.