A day late this week due to more technical glitches with the website provider. Never mind all sorted now.
Another busy week here has passed. Kev is now out helping other people 4 days a week. This is good in the fact that we are getting things we need, but bad in that he then only has 3 days to do the jobs around here, so things will slow up as I can't do everything Kev does...even though I try! 
So this week a little more work was done on the raised vegetable bed. Soil has been moved and it is almost half full now. I now need to dig out more rocks and move them into the garden to complete the rest of the wall. Hopefully that is this weeks job!

Monday evening we got our water delivery. We can relax a little but we could still really do with rain to fill them right up.
On Wednesday we got our delivery of wood. It cost us just under 3kg of lamb...bartering is fantastic. We sat with our friends drinking red wine and ginger beer chatting about this and that. What came out of this is ... we are going to do a Christmas fayre and sell goods that we can cook for Christmas. The idea is that people come to sample the food and hopefully, loads of orders are going to be made! This will be happening on the 30th November and we are going to try preparing some of the stuff this weekend and freeze it. Anyone in the local area, if you would like to come drop me an email and I will give you the details.

Kev came home Wednesday with a few dried figs he had found. I set about making fig rolls. I must say the pastry the recipe told me to use is not correct, too crunchy, but they were nice. I will make them again but change the pastry. Wednesday Kev was a little under the weather and went to bed very early (before me which is unheard of!) He felt rubbish for about 3 days but living this way, things still have to be done. 

On Friday I set about building 2 new compost bins out on the land. The idea is that the animal dung and weeds can go in these. I cleared the front, just outside the gates, cut all the weeds down and collected all the leaves too. The animals seemed to take to these straight away and were happy scratching around in there.

Saturday it was cloudy and cold. I set about cooking. I made a carob and fruit cake...made up recipe...we were surprised by how good it was. I also made bread to go in the freezer for the week.

The carob fruit cake!

The cheese finally came out of the press after a week. Now it has to age for 3 months...if I can leave it for that long!

 Kev set about fitting the wood burner. The weather prediction said that it was going to rain for 3 days...but it rained lightly for about an hour. Nothing really went into the water store as it was not heavy enough.
We were stuck inside, with Kev drilling (or trying to drill) a massive hole in the wall. After about 3 hours his drill was burnt out and he was only about half way through the wall. Our walls are 2 concrete blocks thick and filled with concrete too...does not do drills any good what so ever. Anyway, Jose, a friend of ours, lent Kev his pneumatic drill, so Sunday morning the work started again. Within about 30 minutes we could see daylight through the wall. The pipes were fitted and the fire was lit just to test that everything was in working order. It worked better than before. Seemed to have more draw on it. Now when we open the wood burner door there is no smoke...before you had to open it really slowly otherwise smoke would come out into the room! 

Hole in the wall with the pipe fitted

Kev sorting the pipes outside...

Sunday afternoon spent sitting in front of this...brilliant!

So that is the worst job out of the way and we now know that we will be able to keep warm over the winter. Saturday and Sunday the weather was cold and the predictions are that this coming week the temperatures will be about 8 - 10 degrees maximum during the day and almost freezing at night. I guess we will be spending a lot more nights in front of the wood burner.