I got up this morning in the dark. Struggling to find time to sit and concentrate to write this blog with mum here, so I have decided to add an hour to my day when everyone else is in bed to get this done. 
If you read last weeks blog you will know Kev and I went to the UK to bury his dads ashes and my youngest son Gary came to stay with his Nan. I was a bit worried about how this would go but it was all fine until we got home. Mum thought she could fly home with Gary and got quite upset when we told her she didn't have a flight. 
Our time away was lovely. Friday was obviously very sad but also good as all the family were together, supporting each other. The sun shone most of the time so we were not too cold most of the time. I kept up with my walking in the mornings as it sets me up for the day. 

We arrive home Monday evening to a warm 25ºC. The dogs were extremely happy to see us, bouncing all over us as our welcome home. We were extremely tired and an early night was taken.
This is what I got up to in the morning Absolutely stunning. These photos really don't do this sunrise justice...

There was a lot of bad weather while we were away, high winds and rain. A lot of debris has blown into the pool so the first job was to clean the pool. When kev went to sort the filter in the pump he noticed a drip and couldn't stop it. he noticed a crack in the top of the seal. We are having to order a new part but he has managed to bodge it so as we can still run the pump for a few hours a day.

This weeks job is going to be picking and husking the almonds. It should be a good crop this year as the rains seem to have fallen at just the right time. A friend has asked us to pick hers this year too. We have decided to sell them if the price is right, if not we will have to buy bins to store them in. The rats soon find them if they are not in an airtight container.

Almonds before husking

The empty husks. We put these on our paths to act like woodchips.

These are the end product...almonds...hopefully to sell.