This morning the regular cockerel crowing competition started at about 6am. One difference today though, we had 3 of our homebred chicks is practicing already and he is only 10 weeks old!
I saw the sun rise over the mountains whilst sitting on the terrace with the usual cup of tea. I really enjoy this time of the day when it is peaceful and cool.
The first job of the day was pouring some grey water onto one of the herb wheels. This was to loosen the soil so that all the weeds could be removed. We left it to soak in for about 30 minutes and still it could only be dug about 2 inches down. Tonight we will put clean water onto it and leave it over night ready to plant out some of the seedlings tomorrow. David and Kian set about digging out the weeds and replacing the rocks that have been knocked out of place.

I spent another few hours cleaning the pool, in the sunshine. It's a hard life but someone has to do it! It is now getting there...really blue.

Kev managed to get the front room floor measured and marked out ready to start laying the new flooring. This is the last room in the house to be done and I can't wait!
The seedlings around the back of the house are growing well all except for the lettuce. We are getting a nightly visitor that is digging up the lettuce seeds. This morning I planted more, they will be living on the indoor terrace until they germinate this time.
The kiwi plants are growing really well. They needed supporting up the pergola poles as they now have so many growing tips sprouting. We are very happy with how fast they have grown. Hopefully next year we will get a good crop of kiwi.

Almost at the top of the pergola. In the next few weeks we will have to run strings along the top of the pergola to ensure it starts to grow along the top and give shade to the front of the house.
Kev and Kian went out twice today to fetch water. We have used quite a lot cleaning the pool. The water was emptied into the pool ready for tomorrows cleaning session.
The front bed had a little bit more work done on it today. It is slowly getting there. Another 2 mornings work and it will be finished and ready to plant up.