Got up this morning and the weather was very similar to a wet windy day in England!!!!! We decided to stay indoors and  work.
I spent the day cleaning, using home-made cleaning products made from vinegar. It cleaned up the white sealant in the kitchen a treat.
Kev went and got some more sticks for starting the fires, before they got too wet and would need drying. He also did a bit more on the bathroom.

I can see I will get the job of grouting again!!!
Cooked dinner today on the wood burner in the front room. We lit it early so that we could cook the rabbit in red wine slowly over a few hours. Free can´t beat it!

The finished result and it was lovely. Will post the recipe soon on the recipe page.
While I was waiting for the rabbit to cook, I sat and made more paper pots. We still haven´t got all of our seeds planted out so we must try to get some done tomorrow, if the weather is better.
Late this afternoon it was really odd weather...windy, sunny and raining all together. The two photos show what we saw...

Two rainbows across our land...and for this picture to show know they were bright!