This morning we woke up to grey skies and drizzle. The temperatures have really dropped. For this area it is positively cold! The beginning of the week, the weather was warm and dry and lots of work outside was done. The weather can be so changeable at this time of the year, although we don´t normally get any rain, so this is a bonus. The garden is enjoying the water and hopefully the seed that we put in the new rabbit run will begin to sprout now.

We have been using the chainsaw again this week, chopping up the wood that Kev goes out to collect. We decided that it would be a good idea to sort the wood and store it in types of. Previously we were putting hard and softwood in rows in the store but as we filled it up it became increasingly hard to reach the wood at the back.

Jan and I set about building a new wood store for the pine we were cutting. We used 3 old pallets we had out on the land and tied them together with string. One of the sides is not really resting on anything, so it has been tied to the back pallet and the bottom pallet with poles at the side to make sure it doesn´t move.
We then spent 2 days on and off, cutting the pine wood up and stacking it. This is a never ending job. We finish one pile and Kev goes and collects more and so it begins again. 

Last week saw the frames and new solar panels go up on the roof. 2 days of welding the frames in position before the panels were attached using rivets. Since we had the panels stolen, 3 years ago, we have made sure that without a generator and a metal grinder it is impossible to steal them. We now have over 2kw up on the roof...and we still have the wind turbine to go up this week. We now have enough power coming in to run everything without the aid of the generator. It is amazing to think when we bought this house we knew nothing about generating our own power. Slowly over time we have developed our knowledge and can now produce enough power to run our household even in cloudy weather. Over time as the power input has improved we have bought appliances to make life easier...i.e. changing from 2 buckets in the beginning for washing... to a twin tub washing machine and now we have an automatic that is low energy and low water consumption. 

I am off to England next Monday, to visit my parents and help my mum out a bit. I shall be away for 2 weeks in total. I will try to post at least one time while I am there but I am guessing it will be an essay without photos, as Kev is not I.T. literate!