Another gloriously sunny day when we got up. Today is the last day of my holiday so we wanted to get as much done as we could.
Kev decided to try to make a safe house for the broody hen that we have. Also to ensure that when the chicks hatch they are away from the other hens until mum decides to join them. He used a water container that someone gave us (as it had got holes in it). He used the outside, cut the bottom off and then we moved it out onto the land.

The container taken apart. The plastic we are going to cut in half and make into a duck pond!

We dug out the opening to make sure mum could get in and out ok.

We put a pallete on top and covered this with a plastic cover to make sure its water tight.

It doesn't look very good but if it keeps the chicks safe it will do us. Plus as is Kev's moto it was a freemans so didn't cos us anything! It was a bit commical carrying it out onto the land. We kept having to put it down as we couldn't get a good grip on it. We tried carrying it from the base but it just wanted to tip over, but we got there in the end!

While Kev was cutting the water container up I dug some more of the garden beds. 3 are now ready for planting. We were hoping to get that down today but it started to rain about 3pm. We will get it done at the weekend now.

Finished this bed

Dug over this bed

Now just this one to do!

In between digging, well, when my back was hurting too much to carry on, I was strimming the part of the garden by the fruit trees. It seems to be a never ending task at the minute. I cheated a little in that I strimmed around the trees and the path but left some of the weed flowers just because they look pretty. Also we want this to be a little wild when it is mature, we are planning to sow wild flower seeds and then I will not be strimming at all hopefully!

Before path and no rocks around the trees

After strimming...we can see pathway again!

Now all that is left to do today is to move the broody hen when it is dark and shut her in for a couple of days. This is so that she gets used to where she has been moved to and doesn't try to go back to the hen house. Fingers crossed it works!