This last 2 weeks we seem to have been very busy but not actually achieving anything. The 3 remaining rabbits runs are still has the floor down now but that is about it. As you will remember I went to England last weekend and this week has had me in the kitchen cooking, preparing for an order that went out Saturday. Saturday was mad here...lots of people called in during the day. We finally finished about 5pm and were worn out.
Since not a lot has happened I thought I would give you an update on the animals and garden.
The garden is dire. No rains means no plants germinating or surviving. The mounds that have watering systems set up are managing ok but everything else in the garden is dead!!!! As now we are moving towards the summer it will only get worse. This doesn't bode well for our veggies this year. We have had campo fires in the surrounding areas every day this week. They have been far enough away not to bother us but it is very worrying.

This was last year at this time...all green and lush after the spring rains.

This is the garden can see what we are up against!

This is one of the permaculture mounds...we have bush beans, lettuce, onions, strawberries and broad beans growing.

This is the layered bed...all green and growing well.

The baby bunnies are growing fast. They love their burrows in the run. Twice a day we feed them weeds from the garden, killing 2 birds with one stone. We still have one that can get out of the run. We cannot find out where he is getting out but he comes back for his dinner in the evening. We have named him Harry.

How the babies have grown!

In the week the six little chicks were sold and went to their new home. Josephine is due to hatch eggs this coming week so we could spare the others. It is great to think that we are now in a position of producing too much and so able to share, all be it sell some.
Cranberry is now mating with Paxo again, so she should be laying eggs again soon. Her remaining poult is very independent. He runs around the garden and the land like he owns the place. He is eating with the chickens and then joins the turkeys for a second helping. I think just having one has made her come back into season earlier than usual. Our animals are a law unto themselves and never follow the rule book!!!!! It makes for an interesting life.

Our remaining poult...coming to investigate the camera!