This morning brilliant sunshine with strong...and I mean strong winds! It has been so windy that we have lost one of the terrace chairs...but it will be in the pool I bet!
Anyway todays job was to begin the duck pond. A friend gave us a water container that had a hole in it so we decided to cut it in half and make a duck pond. Nope it's not an April fool...we really are going to make a duck pond!


Water container

Cut in half

We chose to build it out on the land relatively close to the fence and gate for easy filling in the summer.

Beginning to dig out the hole

First half in

Second one in position but too high

We wanted the 2 halves on different levels so that we can run piping or something across and sort of make a feature of it.

Second one in for the rocks

Smaller rocks to go on top and then cover with soil

The idea is that this will become the slope for the ducks to get in and out as well as a bit of a rockery feature. It should be finished tomorrow with just the pump and solar panel to sort out along with the tubing running from one to the other. Hopefully all the plastic will be hidden by the rocks.