Wow another week gone and month too. Spring is beginning to get closer, even though the weather here has been lousy. This last week we have had winds and rain and it has felt like temperatures below 0 even though they haven't been!

Sunday night / Monday morning we had 4 chicks hatch. We tried to video it so that you could all see this amazing event but now we can't find the lead  to upload it...when we do I will post it.
Tuesday night 10l of milk arrived so that I can use the mark 2 cheese press. Trouble was it didn't arrive until 10pm and that was a bit late to start making cheese.
Wednesday when I got in from work we made the cheese and a pumpkin cake too. We left the cheese to drip until Thursday. That evening when I got home we put the cheese in the press turning the handle every hour or so. Friday night we turned the cheese over and now it is back in the press until Saturday evening.
Mark 2                          Cheese and follower         Mammoth cheese!        

The lye water has run out again. We kept it in the ashes for 4 days so it should be strong enough to actually make soap now. A friend brought us loads of fat to use with it. If it works we will be giving him a job lot!