Got up this morning to blue skies and sunshine! Fantastic weather for working in. Since it has been raining here for about 5 days (unheard of!) I took full advantage and  weeded the herb wheel ready for the new herbs to be planted out.


Next was planting out the beans in the new bed. Climbing beans nearest the wall and bush beans at the front. Should look quite effective when they have all grown!


                                                                 George, always in the way ha ha ha!

Kev and Gary spent the morning trying to sort out the edging for the terrace. Using palette wood and reeds they have made a makeshift fence. Just needs the cross on it now to finish it off. Gary went back home today so he won't see it finished but he said he had a ball making it!


We think we will grow the cucumbers along it this year until the grapes get big enough to take over. We were quite impressed with the outcome for saying all it cost was the time collecting the reeds!

Kev and Gary also managed to clear the front of rubbish and weeds. This will be a raised bed that goes behind the tree and a seat in front around the tree. I can't wait to get started on that will look fantastic when it is done!