Today was a fiesta day so no work for me. I stayed home and spent half the day digging and weeding the vegetable beds. In the bed on the front we have decided to plant the broad beans, carrots and some onions as we can place net over the top as and when the frosts come.
Kev spent the morning picking olives so that we can have a go at making them edible. We have been given 2 recipes to try and since we have about 20kg we should be eating them for the whole year!!!!
As the clocks went back last week and we are now lighting the range regularly we have decided to change the front room round. We have 2 summer and one winter. The winter one has my seat right next to the wood burner...stops me getting cold and stops Kev cooking to death ha ha.
At the weekend Kev went out with one of our Spanish friends and picked a lot of cauliflowers that had been left in the field. Some had started to go to seed but some were perfect. Having roast cauliflower in paprika for dinner...will post the recipe if its OK. Also making cauliflower and potato soup to put in the freezer for the really cold days and nights. We now have lots of food for the rabbits and chickens, cooked for the chickens and raw for the rabbits. It´s where to store it that is the main concern. But hey it was free so no worries if it goes into the compost bin.
I also strimmed the garden...took about an hour, but it looks good now...almost grass like. Here it is almost impossible to grow grass without a watering system other than at this time of year when the rains fall regularly.  We have had rain at least once a week now for 3 maybe 4 weeks. Kev hasn´t had to water the vegetables very much at all the last couple of weeks so he is a happy chap!