This mornings sunrise was a sight to see. Orange and yellow stripes between wispy clouds, as the sun rose above the mountains.
It seemed cooler this morning, just the sort of day to do some gardening. The ground is very dry and hard, baked in the heat of the sun. Digging is out, so with the help of Kian and David we just cleared the weeds.

There were lots of weeds by the time we had finished. Kian used the wheelbarrow to move them onto the land.

We always put the larger weeds out onto the land. They encourage insects to make homes in them, which in turn provides extra food for the animals. The chickens love scratching and in doing so help to break the weeds down.

Pete spent the morning sterilizing beer bottles. The first batch will be bottled tomorrow. He sat out on the terrace, in the sunshine washing out the bottles.

The rocket and mustard seedlings have grown fast. In 3 weeks they have grown enough to plant out. They were planted under the pumpkin trellis the idea being that the shade the trellis provides will encourage the seedlings to grow slowly and not bolt.