This week has seen storms developing. The high temperature just lead to it. We have had some very welcome rain that has freshened up the air and made life a bit more comfortable.
Mum got up one morning with a very red ankle. I checked for a bite but couldn't find one. We believe it was just an infection. Dementia sufferers are prone to infections for no reason. We started her on 4 cups of olive leaf tea a day as she refused to go to the doctors, telling me she would go when she got home. Within 24 hours we could see a vast improvement. We continued with the tea for 3 days and the infection has completely gone. We have to be very sneaky, as she won't drink tea in any shape or form so we make her coffee with it. We have also seen a resuraction of mum saying she wants to go home. She came to me one day and asked if my youngest son was at home as she had tried ringing him and no answer. I know that this hasn't happened as she always uses my phone to ring anyone and I have to do it for her. We just play along. He won't answer the phone mum as he is at work. She accepts that for  a while.

This week not a lot has been happening, it has been far too hot to do physical work outside. Kev has finished a second pergola on the new beds. He has done a bit in the morning and again in the evening as it cools down.

In the middle bed we have melons and cucumbers growing up the pergola. This frees up ground space for the sweet potatoes to gro along the ground.  We will net the fruit to ensure it is not too heavy for the plants as they grow up.

This week our red and yellow cherry tomatoes have started to ripen off. I am picking them every other day. Some have been eaten by something so I am picking them as they are beginning to change colour and storing them to let them finish ripening off. It takes about 2 days for them to become fully ripe. We are eating these as roasted veg and raw in salads. You just cannot beat home grown tomatoes for flavour.

On Friday I picked our first sweetcorn. Within an hour it was being eaten drenched in butter. Picking and eating this fast means you get maximum vitamins and minerals from the plant. Plus they tasted amazing. I am going to plant up a second crop this week. These will be grown on and planted out when the first crop is finished. This means we can eat this first crop and store the second. Well that is the theory, we will see if it comes to fruition.

Lastly is related to herbs. My dill plants have gone to seed. I have collected a few seeds to replant in the cold frames and the rest have been left to drop. I am hoping they will self seed and we will find dill plants popping up around the garden.