Last day of our holiday...its cold and grey and rather depressing but at least its not raining today! Tomorrow we will be flying home. We are really looking forward to seeing the sun again and seeing how our little chicks have grown. It will be time for the first brood to be slaughtered...this could be a test for us, we will see. At the weekend we have friends coming to stay to help us and live the good life for a few weeks...don't know what they will think to eating our chickens they have seen us raise!
We are planning to mate the rabbits when we get hopefully we will be successful. We are also going to put more eggs in the incubator as we have decided on a 3 week rolling program to ensure that we have a contstant supply of chicken and cockerel in the freezer. This will mean building another coop to keep all the little ones in, as we can't mix them with the oldies as they will beat them up.
We are also hoping to get 2 female goats too...we want young ones so that they get used to us before we mate them to get milk and meat. It's all seeming to be coming together now...2 years of hard graft beginning to pay off.