Got up this morning very, very early as I just could not sleep. This is not a good thing when caring for someone with dementia. I have found that my mood directly feeds into mums mood. She becomes a reflection of whatever I am feeling. I have started to journal to be able to get my feelings out and try to stay calm when things get to me. I have found this really helps.

This morning finally, we got some rain...looks like it may be in for the day...we can hope. The weather the last few days has been cloudy and cooler. We have been painting the new bedroom, en-suite and wardrobe ceilings. It has taken a few coats but is looking great and the insulation should really help in the winter. Now to find a colour and do the walls. 

I have been using our olive oil, coconut oil and olive leaf tea to make a body butter. I have made a day cream which is lemon and a night cream that is lavender. I love the thick consistency of these and it is working wonders for my skin. I will try to get round to posting a recipe later in the week.

Yesterday we went picking the wild carobs around our house. They were roasted in the oven while I was cooking a carob fudge cake. I grind the pods down to make a powder that I then use for cakes and to add a different flavour to bread.

I also canned the vegetables from the garden and got another 5 jars to store for later use. This mixture was onions, peppers and courgettes. We now have about 30 jars of mixed vegetables and about 20 jars of tomatoes. With still more to come.

A friend turned up with lots of apples for us. Some were stewed down to make apple sauce, 16 jars, some were diced to freeze. 8 bags to use to make apple and cinnamon cakes. The peelings and cores were used to begin making apple cider vinegar. This takes about 6 weeks in total. So far this year I have 5 jars fermenting.

This week also saw us picking fruit from our trees. We have pears, apples and grapes growing too. I love our fruit bowl looking so colourful.