I missed last weeks post as I just didn't have time to write anything. Kev´s dad was taken poorly and so a flight was booked with 2 days notice. This meant we had to try to get lots of stuff done to last me the time he is away. We spent last weekend chopping wood, checking solar, water pumps, drip feed systems, ensuring there was enough water buckets filled, stocking up with kindling and stocking up on animal feed too. Kev left very early Monday morning and thankfully his dad seems to be rallying round but Kev will be away for almost another 2 weeks.
I have realised this last week, how much work we actually share as I have had to do it all. Normally in the morning Kev will sort the animals and I will clean and relay the fire. He will get the wood in for the day and I will feed the dogs. It normally takes about an hour but now it is taking me two hours. 
The weather here this week has been really warm, up to 20ºC most days. This is great for getting outside to work. We have been trying to clear some of the chickens land to make a new vegetable patch. Most of last week was taken up with me raking stones to the side. Kev then put up the fence posts. That is as far as we have got as Kev had to leave but it is all ready to get the fencing up when he returns.

This month is the month for planting up seeds. We grow them on in the terrace to plant out in March or when the frosts have gone. We have been saving milk cartons for a while now with a plan to repurpose them into seed trays. My plan is to plant 200 tomatoes this year and so 50 milk cartons have be cut up. It is not hard work, just takes time but the sunshine has really helped as was the company of a good friend helping.

These will be planted up this coming week. I have decided to plant seeds spread out over 2 weeks as it can be a monotonous job, especially when making planters too. We normally do it all in one day but this is when there is more bodies to help. Plus being here alone, I just do not have time to allocate a full 8 or 10 hours to it, not in one go.