Got up this morning just as the sun was climbing over the mountains. It was fresh and cool compared to the last couple of days. Saying this it is going to be another very hot day here and humid too.
Remember the 4 poults left out on the land. Last Monday, after posting the blog, I found 2 of them cold and lonely. I picked them up and brought them in. We fed them and warmed them up and they both went down hill very rapidly. They couldn´t stand or hold their heads up. About an hour after this Kev found another one in the same state. Now we were worried as this could be an infectious disease that would kill them all. By lunch time Monday one of the first chicks had already died. The second one still wasn´t good and the 3rd was even worse. By night time the second little poult had recovered, was walking and eating too. The 3rd one lived through Monday night but died on Tuesday. This now means Cranberry has one poult left with her...he is doing fine and we make sure we feed him in the garden so that he actually gets some. I have 3 little poults that I am looking after...not good considering she hatched 9!
We thought our duck Dottie was due to hatch her eggs on Monday...but nothing happened. By Wednesday we were getting a little concerned for her thinking she was sitting on infertile eggs. But she showed us she knew what she was doing and Sunday morning we found some little ducklings poking out from underneath her. This morning she brought them out to show us...9 little bundles of fluff!!!!

This is a much needed boost after the ups and downs of the last couple of weeks. 

On Wednesday I found a site that re-homes unwanted dogs in this area. We have been wanting another dog for about a year, one, to give George some company and two, for protection of the house. I was looking through the photos and came across an adorable little pup. He looked a bit like George but was a cross breed not a true german shepherd. I got in touch and told them we were interested. We had our home check Friday and Saturday we drove 2 1/2 hours to go and meet him. We fell in love with him as soon as we met him. He is an 11 week old puppy but he is not really boisterous...seemed cool and calm. So we brought him home. Now our problem was George dislikes other dogs...but he is fine with all our animals. We hoped that he would be fine with the puppy but were a bit unsure of how to handle the meeting. When we got in we left Stanley (as we have named him) in the car for 2 minutes while we went through our normal routine with George. Kev then got Stanley out of the car and carried him onto the terrace. He sat with Stanley on his knee and we let George have a sniff. 2 minutes later George had laid down and was completely oblivious to Stanley being there!!!! This was brilliant and if we are honest very unexpected. We thought George would assert his authority no matter what. 2 days on and we have still not had any aggression from George but he does like to boss Stanley around especially when Stanley chews Kev´s socks!
How cute is he?

When we realised everything was going to be fine, we took Stanley outside to meet the animals. He saw the ducklings, chicks and turkey poults and didn´t chase one of them! He came with us to feed on the land and again did not bat an eyelid at the animals...although they were very wary of him! We start training him with a vengence this week and we are hoping George will show him what to do. We couldn´t have found a better dog to add to our family. Once trained he will be a real asset to our small holding.

Dumpling the female rabbit is looking rather fat again. In the week I gave her some new straw and she set about building a new nest. We haven´t seen whether she has had another litter yet, we will check tonight at feeding but it looks like bunnies are due any day soon.

Another problem we encountered this week was the gas fridge. It started giving off this awful smell. Kev has cleaned out the chimney at the back 4 times this week. It stops the smell for a day or 2 and then it is back again. We think it is because it has been so hot here this last week, so the fridge is working overtime trying to keep itself cool, causing more coke to be produced and this is what is smelling. 

We have something happen this morning that is really sad. Our first ever chicken Roastie passed away. She was brought to us by a friend that found her wandering and she is the reason that we had chickens in the first place. We think she was from a chicken farm as she had a clipped beak. She never laid an egg the whole time she was with us but she made us laugh all the time with her antics. At least she had a happy life here, free ranging with us, she will be sadly missed.

As she was the day we got her!