Today was sunny but very, very windy and the wind has a bit of a bite to it...but not enough to stop the work on the garden.
It was a happy and sad day today...happy because my brother Mark had his 50th birthday (and he will kill me for publishing that haha) and sad because a year ago today my grandmother died, so been thinking about her a lot today.
Anyway today was spent out in the garden clearing the paths and the herb beds. For saying it is so dry here, the weeds seem to do very well here.
I then got the strimmer out and  tried to clear the paths, as I am getting fed up with having to dig them up and weed them every six months...

While I was strimming I noticed that our apple tree has become a bit confused with the warm weather here. It has started to blossom but this is really early and so now at night we are having to cover it up with a bin liner to make sure the cold doesn´t kill the blossom. Most of the trees have buds forming on them so we must be doing something right.

I was getting on really well with the garden. Next on the list was planting up the brasica plants and beetroot...and then it started to rain...from brilliant sunshine to rain in 5 minutes or there abouts. The rest of the afternoon was spent making a new page on this website all about herbs. Hopefully if you take a look you will find some interesting information on it. I will try to update it on a regular basis so keep checking.