Today's blog post is not such a happy one. Our beloved friend and protector passed away early Saturday morning. I am talking about our 11 year old German shepherd, George. The house feels empty without him and Stanley is feeling it too. We are conscious that we need another big dog around the place and as a companion for Stanley but we just cannot bring ourselves to look for one. I guess when the time is right for us we will start looking. 

George doing what he loved, lazing around in the sunshine!

Since our last post we have been busy with the almond harvest. We have picked and husked about 100kg so far and this is from about 20 trees. We still have another 80 to go! Kev is going picking in the morning for 2 or 3 hours. We have so much other stuff to do that this is all the time we can spare daily, plus the almonds take up so much room it is easier to do 100kg and then take them to be sold. This is today's job to run the almonds into the nearby village and see what price we get for them.

The dehydrator has been working overtime this year. It definitely was a good buy for us. We have been drying plums, tomatoes, grapes and various herbs to store. I can see that it will be used well into October as the harvest of wild fruits has only just begun. We feel very content as we see our stores build up, all the hard work paying off at last.

These are grapes drying to be stored

On Monday we had another pig delivered for us to process. We started to do this about 5 years ago. Kev learnt butchery skills when he left school and so he can easily cut the animal up for us to store. We have done various joints, chops, sausage, burgers and tried to use the pigs head meat too. We found a recipe that boned out the head, stuffed it with sausage meat, rolled it, cooked it and then pressed it. So we gave it a go. It needs more herbs and salt but we will definitely be doing this again.
Not bad for a first attempt!

We have also found traditional recipes for faggots, meat balls for my friends over the water, and haggis too. We will be giving these a go in the very near future.

As well as all of this I have been jarring/canning fruit. Nectarines, plums and quinces. I had a go at doing some grapes too. If they keep OK then next year we will do more. From some of the plums I have made a Christmas chutney using cinnamon and cloves. If it is OK when we test it, I will post the recipe in the cooking section.

Monday morning we got up to no water! This is always on of those tut and eye roll moments in life, when you want to fill the kettle for a cuppa and no water! We got it working again and it stayed on until about 9pm. Tuesday morning we called out a friend who came to have a look but he couldn't get it going either. So to the repair shop it had to go. This meant buckets of water needed, from the water store, carried into the house for washing up. No showers, no washing machine! You so easily forget how easy life becomes with running water to the house! We are hoping to have it fixed today but this is Spain and nothing is rushed (this is what we love about this country until your water pump dies!) So fingers crossed we will have water back to the house by the end of the day.