Found today very hot after being in England for 2 weeks! Sure I will get used to it again but I love the fact that it gives me an excuse to have a siesta after lunch.
Tried out a new recipe today for lunch...Macaroni Peas and it was fantastic. How to cook it is on the recipe page.
Managed to get the pool almost sorted today...should be ok by tomorrow ( not as bad as I thought ). We have friends arriving Saturday and so the washing machine is needed, it will hopefully be working tomorrow instead of flooding the floor!  Also we collected 6 eggs that will go in the incubator with tomorrows...then in 3 weeks we should have more chickies!
Nice to get back to normallity!!! Spent the first hour today putting a new pipe on the washer, with copious amounts of silicon!!, so heres hoping it works tomorrow. Didn´t seem to do a great deal really, but we spent a good part of our break in England talking about different projects, so I don´t think I will be resting for much longer!!.