Got up this morning to sunshine but a very cold breeze! The weather forecast predicted rain, but the skies looked clear and blue.
Saturday morning is normally the day the washing is done. Today was no different other than we used the stored electricity rather than run the generator. This may not seem much, but for us it is another cost (petrol) being cut down. When we checked the batteries at 1pm they were reading full which is another bonus!. Kev used to really worry about the electricity and sometimes got very stressed. Now he is the picture of calm, haha only took 3 years to get there.
While I was washing our Spanish friend turned up with cheese. He wanted me to show him how to make the wax from beeswax, of course we also had breakfast too. He also brought us some wooden circles and pipe to put in our mark 2 cheese press. This is so that I can make massive cheeses about 2kg at a time.
Beeswax and olive oil mixed

About an hour after he left another Spanish friend turned up and was shocked to see what we had done! He loved the range and the bathrooms. Poco a poco, bit by bit in what they all say!
I love having visitors but when you only have 2 days to do everything it can be a bit of a pain. Because we had not seen our second friend for a while he was here almost 2 hours drinking coffee and chatting. It was lovely but we had decided to start the Spring cleaning and we hadn't even done one room! Oh well tomorow is another day!