Tthe weather here has been up and down over the last 3 weeks. We have spent lots of time indoors during rainy days and then spent days playing catchup. We have struggled at times to make sure we have enough dry wood cut to keep our 2 fires going as well as keeping the animal shelters dry. All we seem to have done is chop wood, stack it and clean out the animals giving them all fresh bedding. We have done much more than this but because it is half a day here and there it feels like we have done nothing much at all.
In the last 3 weeks we have chopped all of next years hardwood and stacked the majority inthe wood stores. This is a big job done. We were very lucky this year as we have found trees that have fallen in the bad storms and the farmers have been hard prunning their trees. We have a good mixture of big and small almond/olive wood. What ever we find now will be for the following year and we will have to build a new woodstore for it, but it  is a small problem that we do not mind having.

We were given some oranges by our friends. They were knocked off during the bad winds. Some of the peel was damaged but the majority were fine. We made orange marmalade and used some of the peel for candied peel. We then saw lemons cheap in the shop, bought 5kg and made lemon marmalade using some of the peel for candied again. We are getting a good stock of peel now, it should keep us going until next Christmas.

Lemon marmalade

Kev has been trying to work  on the new store room. It has been very intermittent with the weather being the way it has. He has managed to get the door on, with a new dead lock. This week he has been building the steps. It is slow going as each step has to be left over night to harden before he can do the next one. It is getting there, I am sure that in the next fortnight we will be beginning to put  the shelves in.

Only one more to go!

We have planted up lots of seeds too. We are trying to grow chick peas this year. We love chick peas in salads and cooked in stews, so we thoought we would try to preserve them in jars this year, another expense off of the shopping list. They were the first seeds to germinate and the seedlings look strong and healthy.