Got up this morning early to go for a walk. The temperature was still around 24ºC. By 8am this morning it was getting too hot to do anything outside. The days this week have been spent inside from about 10am, so this is very early to be getting too hot.
Kev has been busy this past week building shelves in the store room. I now have double the storage room. All of the bags that stored my jars have gone. All the jars are now out and organised into sizes so we know exactly what we have. We are looking to buy boxes to go on the floor to store our vegetables and fruit in. This has freed up so much space in the store room. I still have some sorting to do in there and I need to paint the walls again but it is getting there.

In the garden this week it has been all about seeds. We let plants go to seed so that we can collect them and use at planting time. Out on the land we have kale, swede and carrots. They have been collected, stored in pots, labelled and dated.
This week I saw we have seeds forming on the asparagus. They are little red berries. This means that I can grow my own asparagus plants.

We have some very pretty purple flowers that are the artichokes going to seed. These produce quite a lot of seed in one flower head.

We have celery pods too

And we found big green berries on the Laurel tree.

Tuesday (yesterday) saw the beginning of our bathroom revamp. We had a leak under the floor and so we decided while everything would be taken out, to have a new shower put in. This will be flush with the floor and open one end so that it is possible for  me to help mum shower as and when the time comes on her journey. We are having a very gentle shower head put in as we know mums skin will become very sensitive to any type of feeling.  I know that we are lucky in that we already have an inkling as to what will happen and so we can prepare for it before, but then on the other hand, for me and Kev it is also a journey of dread just waiting for the next thing to be forgotten.