A very busy 2 weeks have passed us by, but we don't seem to have achieved anything much. The weather here is still very hot and dry. We are sometimes getting storms in the evenings but they seem to go around the mountains and so the rain misses us completely. 
Our visitors left and some type of normality has returned to our lives. We were both very tired and other than feeding, watering and cleaning out the animals, we didn't do very much at all. 
Kevs routine seems to revolve around fetching water from the local farmers tap just to keep the very few veggies and animals going. This has been a really hard year so far...and we know it will only get worse. We have had to give up on the idea of having a normal planting season this year and so are focusing on the Autumn. We have set up another watering system for the trees...so only 2 more to go now. 
The animals seem to have been fairing better. Cranberry started to sit again, on 14 eggs this time. She also had 5 duck eggs under her too but we decided to take these away and put them in the incubator. The female muscovy duck also started to sit. She has 9 eggs under her. Her nest is amazing. It is so well built and covered with down feathers. We did get a little worried about her as she wasn't coming out for food but this week she did move off the nest for a while. We put some food into the container with her to make sure she eats something. She looks like she is going to be a really good mum and hopefully we will have lots of little ducklings early July.
This week we had a visit from a young eagle. This was not good. Black tail lost one of her chicks to it and all hell broke out. We are now considering covering the pen with green netting but it is a rather big pen and the winds will just rip it off if we do not fix it well. 
Our 2 ducklings Dora and Dorris are doing brilliantly. We have a little routine with them where they go out in the morning. We give them their food and fill a big water bowl up for them. They just love climbing in it and getting wet. At about 8pm we get them out and take them for a walk around the garden. They just follow me around, snapping up bugs as they see them. They really love eating ants, which is quite good as we have quite a few in the garden. When their bellys are full they sit down and close their eyes to go to sleep. We then put them in their box inside and they sleep all night. 
Dora and Dorris going for a walk