The mornings here are now really chilly. It is not getting light until 7.45am if the sky is clear. If not it can be more like 8am before  it is light. 

 Last Thursday Kev went away to the U.K. to spend time with his mum. I have been here with my mum.  She has been very unsettled since her trip away with my brother. She keeps asking when she is going home and keeps getting her clothes out of the wardrobe and drawers and putting them on the bed. I have found this hard this week. Having no one here to talk my frustrations through with, makes it hard to let them go. Add rain and being shut in the house 24/7, to the equation and i can honestly say we were both a little cranky!

The first few days without Kev the weather was great, warm sunshine but cool enough to work in the garden. Weeding has been on the agenda all week. We have planted some stuff up but could really do with more root veg and brassicas. I started off clearing the front bed. We grew the peas in here in the summer. We still have salad crops growing one side but I want to plant carrots, parsnips and swede in between the nets.

Next I moved on to the herb wheel. I did 2 days digging on this and got 6 sections clear. Some of the outside rocks has been buried, so these are all dug up and re-laid too. It can be very time consuming but it looks great once it is done. We still have parsley, sage, oregano and poleo mint growing in the wheel. The mint was dug up and split into 3 pots again to try to keep it contained. This poleo mint is used here for tea. It can help with intestinal problems that cause pain from wind. The tea will help to release the wind and so stop pain. 

This is before...I really had my work cut out!

After is getting there

On day 3 it was too cold to work in the shade. My fingers go dead if they get too cold, so I moved to the beds out the back of the house. I got one cleared completely and about a 1/3 of the second bed done. The animals get all the weeds and they love them. They root through for bugs and then eat the greenery. Then the rain came and stopped outdoor work.

As the temperature have been cooler this week, I cooked a full blown roast dinner on Sunday for me and mum. We had shoulder of mutton. I boiled it for 1 1/2 hours and then roasted it for 2. It was lovely with fresh vegetables out of the garden. There was far too much meat for the two of us so Monday saw us eating shepherds pie and Tuesday was stew and minted dumplings. Real English comfort food for cold rainy days.