Things are beginning to calm down a little here now. After the busy summer with guests one after the other, and all the projects we have completed we are feeling pretty smug with ourselves. The garden is beginning to take it's final shape and the house is almost finished. 3 years down the line and finally we are beginning to see the end in sight!

We have had a busy week here, trying to get the front bed finished. This is the self feeding bed that has been made to conserve the water it gets. It was a great project to make and now we have to wait and see if it works! We finished the bed last Monday and on Tuesday we planted it up. Carrots, beetroot, kale, leaf beet, swede and turnips have been planted ready for winter. The tree shade seems to be keeping the bed cooler and so the water is not evaporating as fast as in other areas of the garden.

Most mornings, for the rest of the week, were spent digging out rocks for the next terrace layer. It is hard work and by about 11am it is way too hot to continue. We think that we may have enough to begin the next layer now.

Bob and Pam our friends came to visit for the weekend. They spent their time husking the almonds for us and now they are all finished. We have about 120kg to sell. They should be gone this afternoon.

We have had loads of help this year, with the normal work here and projects that we wanted to do. We are very grateful to everyone who has pitched in.