This morning the sun was shining but it was still very cold! There was even ice on the chickens water. This does not bode well for the fruit trees in blossom but we will see what happens.
This morning was spent doing the spring cleaning from yesterday. The bathroom has now been gutted, walls washed down, everything moved and cleaned even the light fitting has been sorted! This was all done with a vinegar solution. It cleaned the shower doors up a treat! You can see through them again!


Next was the bedroom...complete clean! I saw on Victorian farm about using tea leaves to sweep dusty floors with. It works to stop the dust flying as it sticks to the tea leaves. I also read somewhere about using tea water to wash the laminate flooring with. I tried this but the result wasn't any different to normal...other than the used water can go on the veggies!
We tested the lye water again was stronger but still not strong enough...we have decided to use new ashes again and to put the solution through again but let it sit for about 4 days and hopefully this time next week it will be strong enough to use.