Almost the end of February already....where did it go? Time passes so quickly here. We cannot say we get bored...only that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The days are getting longer too. It is now light until about 7pm and we are moving the animals feeding time, ready for when the clocks go forward.
This last week the weather has been lovely...almost spring like. All the almond trees are in blossom and our apple tree too! We are just hoping that the frosts now stay away otherwise we will not be getting fruit on our little apple tree.

We had another pig delivered in the middle of the week. I made lots of sausages, black pudding and brawn too. Our freezer is now crammed and everytime you open the door, stuff falls out! 

Josephine hatched 3 little chicks in the week. This was her first time sitting, so she has done a great job. She is such a good mum and our fencing around the water container is doing its job. It is lovely to watch them interact and how she teaches her little chicks.

On a sad note, some animal managed to dig its way into the fenced off land. The little cockerel and our banty sitter lit'lun were taken. We had to spend 2 days moving rocks and stones to the edge of the fence to ensure this will never happen again. It was hard work but at least we think they are safe now.

At the weekend the weather was glorious. All of the seedlings have been planted out. They were getting too big for their paper pots. They have been planted out into the front bed. The watering system we have set up works brilliantly and hopefully the plants will do well! I covered the pipes with more straw to stop or slow down evaporation. 

I have planted a range of plants here, lettuce, broad beans, french beans, peas, mange tu, kale, tomatoes and leaf beet.

I also took cuttings of the mint plants. We are going to put these out on the land. All of my herb seedlings have begun to germinate and grow too. We are hoping to give the chickens a herb garden to help with their well being. In about another 2 weeks we shall be planting these out too. 

Mint cuttings

Herb seedlings.