The weather here has been positively spring like. It has been really warm everyday. The days are getting longer. We now do lock up at 7.15pm unless it is cloudy and it now starts to get light at about 7am. This means we can work longer during the day and we eat dinner as it is getting dusk.

Mum has been more settled this last week. She has even been helping! She has been hanging the washing out and bringing it in. She washes and dries up now after most meals. It is good to see her doing something. My brother came over this weekend. He took mum out for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday. It was nice not to have to worry about her as much. When they returned he sat with her out in the garden and I could just do instead of being switched on all the time. I feel much more relaxed with just this short time away. 

Jobs this week have been getting completed with Jamie here. He likes to be busy and I can always find someone a job to help. He has been building the first terrace in the new garden. He has collected the rocks from around and about the land outside of our property, built the stone walls, ensuring they are level. Next he placed cardboard over the ground to supress the weeds.  He has collected all the rotting wood from around the garden and placed it by the walls. On top of this he has put all the prunings we have had laying around the garden  and then began to dump soil on the top. It is a long hard job as the pile of soil was delivered last year and not used. The dogs have compacted it and so Jamie has to use a pickaxe to break up the soil before barrowing to where it is needed. It is very physical work and he is doing a grand job.

Something he did at the weekend was build new tomato frames for the seedlings when they are ready to go out. Him and Kev went out collecting the reeds and then Jamie spent 2 days building the frames. This is fantastic for us as normally we build them as and when the seedlings demand, but now they are ready and waiting. 

This week I have been concentrating on the front area of the garden. I have cut the climbing roses back, cleared, added cardboard and mulched the bed. It is now all ready for the flower show to begin. I have also potted up some cuttings hoping I can grow new plants to place out around the fences.

I have also been busy with sorting the herb wheel. I have been replacing the rocks the dogs have displaced, covering in cardboard and mulching. I have lots of seedlings growing in the cold frames and I cannot wait to get these planted up in the wheel.

Kev has been rendering the front of the house. It is slow going. He mixes every thing by hand but as it is warm it is starting to go off very quickly. We think it is beginning to look great and another week should see it completed all being well.