Another week flies past...does this mean we are getting old? Time seems to go so quickly...we keep telling ourselves it is just because we are so busy all the time!
Most of the week has been spent out in the garden. We are really trying to get this terracing finished off. I am digging out rocks for hours and Kev has been moving them all into the garden. It is slow going with only one wheelbarrow and I can't help with the lifting of the heavy rocks because of my back. I feel sorry for Kev always having to do the really hard stuff but I keep creeping by feeding him nice food and coffee to keep him going! ha ha.

We now need to get an order of topsoil to fill it!

I have been trying to sort out the garden and trying to build new paths. This means digging out the soil and making small mounds at the side. I am using the smaller rocks to edge the paths and the garden. The paths are then going to be filled with wood chips and chipping from the garden. I finished the one to the compost bin and just have to extend the one from the chicken run. 

The wood chips should (hopefully!) hold moisture so I should be able to plant herbs and vegetables in the soil mounds at the sides. We will have to wait and see how well this works!

Towards the end of the week I used 2 days to cook food for a friends birthday party. I made loads, salmon and asparagus quiche, pork pie, scotch eggs, spring onion and goats cheese pizza, potato salad, coleslaw, strawberries coated with chocolate, a massive mixed salad, sliced veggies with a garlic dip, and a chocolate cake with marshmallow icing!!!! I really enjoyed doing this...I love cooking so I was in my element!
These are the quiches...they were very nice!
At the weekend we had to move Josephine's chicks into the big run with the other chicks. They look so small next to the ones that are 2 weeks older. Now after 2 days they are beginning to settle and roam around a bit more. We had to move then because mum decided it was time to leave them. We are now finding eggs all over the garden as she can't make up her mind where to lay!
At the beginning of the weekend it rained! It said on the weather report it was going to rain for 2 days...we got an hour! We are now talking about having a water delivery as our store is so low. We need rain desperately...but about a weeks worth to actually make any difference to our stores.