Kev was working for most of this week. He only had one day at home. He tried to build a box to cover the invertor in the spare room and muffle the noise it makes, but it didn't work well. He built the box and then put polystyrene inside. We are now thinking maybe a bigger box with egg boxes inside as I have read they muffle sound very well.

When I got home from work on Tuesday I set about sorting out the cushions on the terrace seats. A friend brought us some settee cushions and they fitted quite well after a little play with the electric knife! I am now waiting for my friend to visit who will be making all the covers for them.

Thursday night we had a little drama here. The turkey hen (Cranberry) decided to fly out of the pen for a dust bath, as she does most nights. She miss judged the flight path and ended up on the dirt track at the side of our land. Kev had to go out and coax her back in with food. Luckily we were here and saw it happen so she was not off the eggs too long. The eggs should be hatching in 2 weeks so I will keep you posted about how it all goes this time around.

During the week another of our home raised hens started sitting. We are keeping everything crossed that they all manage to hatch some little babies for us. We could be quite well off for meat if every egg hatches...13 turkey eggs and about 20 chickens eggs! Now we just have to wait for the ducks to start laying eggs.