I think for the second time this year we have had a lucky escape. The fire seems to be moving away from us but I do feel sorry for all those that have been evacuated and are worrying about their houses.
I suppose that this is just one of those things that we will have to put up with, living al campo and people around us being stupid.
The quandry that we would have had, would have been what to do with the animals if we were evacuated. We have talked about this and we think that the only thing that we would be able to do is to cull all the animals if we were evacuated. I wouldn´t be able to leave knowing that they could be caught in the fire.
It is a very scary thing to see smoke and know that the winds are blowing towards your property and there is absolutely nothing you can do. We went to bed last night and did not sleep easy in our beds worrying...but hey ho all is now fine thanks to the work of the fire brigade and the army lads who are helping.
Our friends leave tomorrow morning for their homeward journey to England. I hope they have enjoyed their al campo lifestyle. I know that they have helped us immensely with the jobs they have done around the place. We will miss them.