Got up this morning just as the sun was behind the mountains. The sky was orange and red changing to a dark blue. It was stunning and well worth getting up at 6.30am to see.

Tried to take a photo but not very good!

Another month has flown by. We are all upside down whilst having the new kitchen fitted. It will take a while as Kev is out most days at the minute. We have a friend coming to help Kev but that is only when he is not working. We have been building the cupboards and have them placed around where the old units go. Out on the terrace we have boxes and boxes and feel like we are climbing over stuff to find things. We only have 2 weeks to get this finished as then we have visitors arriving. Most of September is taken up with visitors so we need to be in some form of order. We always do this...start a massive job just before visitors arrive...perhaps we work better under pressure!
So this week has been a little like Christmas here. We had the new fridge delivered on Tuesday evening. It is one that fits under the counter and will go in the new kitchen. It is electric (we always had a gas one) and uses 175kw/year. which works out to about 500 watts a day, give or take. Considering we have almost 3kw up on the roof now and the fact that we are upgrading the system we should be able to run this easily.
On Wednesday evening the kitchen turned up. Well, some of flat packs do...bits are missing and not enough screws and stuff to put the cupboards together. We are in the process of making a list of all the missing bits so that we can ring and go through to pick them all up in one go. I still cannot get over how much we have changed since moving here. I remember buying a kitchen in England and was so stressed with the fact that things were was a real problem. Here it is just how it is and it will get sorted. It is much healthier not to keep flying up to 10,000 feet every time there is a problem. Perhaps this stems from not having water and electricity at the flick of a switch...nothing can be as bad as that!
Wednesday and Thursday afternoon our friend Jóse came and plastered the kitchen for us.I am setting him up a website for his work and he is sorting my kitchen. No money exchanges hands, it is a great way to work. It just needs painting now before we fit the units!
Friday we made more feeders to go out on the land. We made 3 big ones and filled them to the brim. The ducklings also got one and a big bowl of water that they love to climb in. The baby rabbits, that are almost fully grown now, got a feeder too...they loved has enabled them to graze more rather than eat all in one go. This means the only feeding we have to do every day now is for Stew and Dumpling the parent rabbits. We are waiting for the bits to arrive to make a double feeder that will do both rabbits.

This feeder is for the ducks and rabbits...a bit more open than the ones for the chickens and turkeys

Saturday we should have had our first day without having to get up and feed. We planned to stay in bed late...9am...a bit different to 6am! Stanley the puppy had other ideas...he was up at 7.30am and causing mayhem so we all had to get up! On the plus side we sat and drank our morning cuppa without having to rush around and it was lovely. We will have to train Stanley to stay in bed longer! In the afternoon we went to a friends house and had a lovely few hours away from everything. We didn´t even have to rush back which seemed a bit odd. we got home at 8pm to feed the dogs. This is the first time we were able to relax and not worry about the animals or the time, it was brilliant.