Don´t think this was really what Kev had in mind when he said he hoped the turkeys put themselves to bed...haha
Anyway back to today. We have had a bit of a busy day today. I have been trying to get this website finished, working till 3pm. Managed to update the chickens page and made a start on the fruit page. Doing this website is really making me appreciate how much work we have actually done around the place. We had a visitor about 12 noon, our friend the shepherd came to see us and partook of a glass of vino. He has had to move the majority of his sheep to Casinos as there is just not enough grazing around here, too dry.
About 3.30pm we went to another friends house (English this time) where Kev went out looking for wood while I stayed at the house and drank wine...fantastic!!!! We really should do this more often haha
This morning we were talking about self sufficiency and if it is actually possible to be completely self sufficient. Kev reckons that it isn´t possible as we will always need a car and there for, money to repair it. I said I could get him a bike with a trailer to use to bike into Casinos... he almost smiled. I think idealy, as Kev says, where as he is more practical...thinking about when we are old and unable to carry this on (talk about glass half empty). I just think we can find some out of work spanish youngsters who could work for us and get paid with produce...sorted!