Got up this morning to glorious sunshine. I sat out on the terrace with my morning cuppa, watching the animals out on the land. Fantastic!
This weekend we are preparing for the arrival of our next guests. We have a family of four coming to stay, this means both spare rooms need to be sorted.
We have been trying to get bedroom one finished, but we still have the flooring to lay and the skirting boards to put on. It looks respectable by just having a coat of paint, much cleaner and fresher. Eventually there will be new windows in there and a new door but we are running out of time to start those sorts of jobs now. We should have curtains up by the end of this weekend so then it should start to look more like a homely room.
In the spare room we are wanting to do the same, but just not had the time yet. We have painted it to make it all the same colour. Kev still has to build a box in there to try and muffle the sound of the invertor, he now has tomorrow to do that.
We will make a concerted effort, when these guests have gone, to try and get both rooms finished and looking lovely.
The pool is getting's now blue at least. We have been trying to run the filter more but with Kev being out all day this hasn't gone to plan either. Today we ran it for about 3 hours and you could almost see the water clearing. We put in another 4 chlorine tablets...hopefully tomorrow we can do the same.