Got up this morning and once more the sun was shining. Another day for digging the garden. Time was spent trying to finish the bed started last weekend. There was a problem...the bedrock was almost at the surface of the soil so Kev had to try and remove some of it to give the bed a reasonable depth.

As you can see it was quite a bit of the bed and now we have to get all of the rock out before planting. We want onions and garlic in this bed and they need to be planted this is job number one for next weekend.

This is bed number 2 cleared today. These plants are potatoes...hopefully new spuds for Christmas dinner! Eventually it will be the asparagus bed...I have grown 6 asparagus plants from seed so they were planted out today.

The plant is about 6 months old and very spindly...but should thicken up with age and possibly in a years time we should be cutting fresh asparagus from the garden! Can´t wait!

The rabbits were put together again today in a make-shift run. Hopefully they will keep the weeds down for us.

And as you can see, we have plenty of weeds!!!!!