This week has been a bit of a mixture for us. The weather has been sunny most of the time with the odd rain shower thrown in. The temperatures are coming down, upper 20s most of the time and the nights are drawing in. Dusk is now about 8.30pm so lock up for the animals is getting earlier. On the plus side it means we stop earlier and rest more. 

The big thing we got done this week was Mums residencia. She has now got her card and can legally stay forever. It has taken a while to get here. Mum stresses a lot about anything now, so over the last 4 months 2 appointments have been cancelled as Mum was ill due to stress. This time we didn't tell her until the morning we were going. She still stressed but we got there and got it done. This is a big weight off of my mind, now we just try to make her happy.

Kev has been waterproofing the render around our bedroom doors this week. It is a thick, gloopy red paint that goes under the final colour. We want our house white and so 2 or 3 coats are needed to cover over the red. It is so much easier to paint with out the pebble dash effect. Hopefully by the weekend it will be done.

The waterproof coat.

2 coats of white, one more to go.

We have had a problem with the pool this week. The pump cap had a crack in it and so it had a slight leak. We ordered a new part last week but it is still not in yet. We can run the pump but the pressure for cleaning it is not as high. Kev will be going today to see if the part is in. Fingers crossed it is not mañana!

Anyone out there that is an avid rugby fan knows that the rugby world cup started this last week. Kev has been watching the matches online. As it is being held in Japan the times are early in the day, so kev sits watching the rugby and husking the almonds. I have to say I am quite liking this, as it is me that normally husks the almonds so I get this year off!

I have made some dog food and canned it with one of our older ducks and veggies from the garden. I pressure cooked the duck first, removed any bones that didn't break down and then added the vegetables. They have squash, aubergine and peppers in with the duck.

After all the rain while we were away in the U.K. the weeds have been working overtime growing. The whole garden needed weeding. I spent 2 days strimming around the house. It looks so different once it is cut, trouble is with all the rain it grows back so fast. 

The weeds before strimming

After strimming...almost looks like grass.