Today woke up to the hunters! They sounded rather close to the house. The dog was going mad, barking every time a shot was fired. It worries us a bit when they are so close as they are not brilliant shots and we are worried they will shoot the chickens or turkeys. It hasn´t happened yet but there is a chance that it will in the future. As I opened the kitchen door, I saw 2 chickens running around the terrace. They had flown over the fence again and so another bout of wing clipping must be done!
The sun was shining this morning, although it was still very windy, but a good day to get the seedlings out. All of the seedlings are now planted out...hopefully they will stay put...the winds are so strong today it may pull them out!
The next job on the agenda was tidying up the terrace. The problem with it being so windy is that all the dust from the garden gets blown into the enclosed space through the nets. Not being able to sweep it everyday means we get a build up and its a big job when we do do it! Also we can´t leave anything outside as it normally gets blown into the pool (sunbeds have been found swimming!) so everything ends up on the terrace and it looks like we are hoarders! So that is now tidy and almost dust free!
After tidying the terrace... planting seeds was the next job (now that we had space to work!) Chillies and peppers were planted first, followed by marjoram, tarragon, chamomile, fennel and rocket. Then came the cucumbers 6 plants to start with...but I had to stop there as we have run out of paper tonights job will be folding paper again!
Next was to sort out the lye water. We refilled the bucket with new ashes and poured the water we wait until it stops dripping before we can do the egg test again. The old used ashes went on the compost heap so absolutely no waste and it should add some good stuff to our compost.
Kev went to the garden shop (it sells everything even animals!) and asked about the pots for our watering system. They said they will ask on Friday when they get their next delivery.
Once it started to get cooler, we lit the range and made a pumpkin and almond tea loaf...I like making cakes and am up for the challenge of adding veggies to them! No different than a carrot cake I suppose.  I will post the recipe on the recipe page when I have time.