Got up this morning to blue skies and glorious sunshine. We were promised rain the past 2 days but it never arrived. The weather report says Tuesday and Wednesday it will rain too but we won't hold our breath!
Last Monday we had visitors arrive. We have had a really lazy week, other than looking after our guests. We have been sitting, chatting and explaining the way things work. 
Tuesday we all got very excited as Josephine's eggs started to hatch. By Wednesday morning we had six little additions to our farm. Our visitors keep going outside to the run to watch them scratching around. 

Wednesday morning we got up and went to the little market in Casinos, our local village. There isn't many stalls there but the little fruit and veg stalls have all local produce. We bought strawberries and cherries so that I could make dairy free ice cream for everyone to eat. 
Because we have had not rain this year our fruit trees haven't really produced any fruit this year. The apple tree is loaded but everything else has produced blossom and either the blossom has died or the fruit has dropped.  I was hoping to bottle fruit this year so we have decided to go to the markets and buy the cheap seasonal fruit.
At the weekend Kev finally finished the rabbit run floors. Now we have to cover them will soil. Next weekend we are hoping to get our 2 flemish giant we need to get a spurt on with them.
Other than that there is not much going on. With it being so dry the seeds are not germinating...I think we will be struggling to be self sufficient this year. We have talked about spending the summer setting up the watering systems around the garden ready for the autumn crops. If it stays this dry, without the systems in place, we will not be able to grow anything!