Today we got up to the ringing shots of the hunters and the dog was going ballistic again!!!! He does wear himself out running around the garden when he hears a shot!!!!
The weather today was cloudy and windy...looking like it was going to rain all day. Work outside was minimal...cutting back some parsley and mint to dry in the kitchen above the range.

I made about 20 paper pots to plant the tomato seeds...but it was too cold outside. So that will be done another day.
I made another batch of coconut chocolates, as Kev loves them, they are in the fridge ready for eating. I also spent 2 hours peeling the skins off of almonds and put them through the grinder, ready for cooking with. Kev carried on with the ensuite...this is becoming a problem job as the walls are so uneven.
It doesn´t feel like we have achieved much today but having a lazy day is allowed sometimes.