We got up this morning to brilliant sunshine, although it was a little windy. The wind gave the air a cold chill so jumpers were needed when feeding the animals.
The beginning of the week was spent sorting out the water pipes for the front vegetable bed. We used a water butt on stones to give it height. Fixed a connection to it and pipes. We have sectioned the bed off into 5 parts so that we can just water what is planted. There are taps on every section to be able to turn the water supply off when not needed.

We are hoping that this drip feed system, along with the mulch of straw will enable all of the plants to thrive during the summer months.

I finished off another 2 mounds on the large terrace. It's a bit frustrating as I just want to get them planted up but it is still a little bit cold for the seedlings at night. So I am building these mounds and they sit empty! Patience never was one of my virtues!

Our seedlings are growing well. Most of them have come up and look strong and healthy. Hopefully we will get early crops this year.

These are the broad beans looking very healthy.
I am going to plant up herbs this week for the chickens. The idea is to build them a garden of herbs that will help them stay healthy. Some herbs are good for insects and others for eggs. 

Towards the end of the week I built another mound where the second herb wheel was. I used a massive old root from a tree we pulled up. Stacked scrub around the outside and then with the soil from the trench, covered it over.

 This was hard work as we walk over this part of the garden regularly. The ground was not level and so the trench was deeper at one side to the other. We are thinking that we may have to cover this trench as people may fall in it! All it needs now is the sheep dung and straw.

On Saturday the weather turned rather cold. We lit the range in the morning and I had a baking day. Fresh bread was made, cakes and roasted tomato sauce for use in the week. I also had a go at making crumpets and I must say they were lovely.

 I had a recipe that used milk so i changed that to water instead. We were very happy with them and will be making them again.

On Saturday night our friend the shepherd turned up with 2 new hens for us. They are only young as yet but are completely different colourings to any of ours. 

We also had to get rid of the unwanted cockerels. One the shepherd took to give to his friend and the other two were for us to eat. We put one in the freezer and the other we had for Sunday dinner. Roasted cockerel is lovely and to know that it had a good life, that it is organic and free range is a bonus.

Sunday we went out collecting more piping for the watering system. We now have enough to do the garden. We will be collecting more so that we can use it on the land too.