Almost the end of the month. It has seemed to go by so fast. The weather this last week has been very gloomy. It has rained pretty much everyday and a few mammoth storms have passed us by. Our water stores are almost full. The pool has gone up 5 tiles, that is 5000 litres just from the rain. Everything is sodden. Yesterday, the sun finally decided to shine. How different it makes you feel to see the sunshine and blue skies. I finally got the washer on after a week of preserving power. 

We finally got mums medication sorted last week. There is a new inhaler that she is refusing to take but we can buy her old ones over the counter so it wasn't a big deal. She has been a bit miserable this week, as we all have really, being stuck inside is not good for any of us.

This last week has been spent mainly indoors due to the storms. When we have had a break in weather we have been trying to sort the trees on the terraced garden. We have started the process of making a guild under each tree. When my herb seedlings have grown sufficiently they will be planted out around the trees. I plan  on planting garlic and onions this week around the edge of the trees,

The apple and pear trees on the beds at the back of the house, have grown far too tall. We really struggle to pick the fruit so we decided to prune them. The pear trees especially were very tall. This is the time of the year to prune these types of tree, when they are dormant before they bud. We did the first apple tree opening up the centre of the tree and reducing the height a much as we could. The second apple tree we just reduced the height. We want to see if it makes any difference to fruit production. The pear trees were reduced in height and the branches pruned in line with the height. Now we have to wait and see what crops we get.
The apple tree where the height only was reduced

The pear tree.

I have been canning more tomatoes this week and baking a lot as the range has been lit early everyday. I have made a lemon cake with cream cheese lemon frosting for a friends birthday meal we had here Tuesday. It was a lovely afternoon spent laughing and eating. I had left over bananas going brown (we hate brown bananas) and so a banana cake was baked to use them up. I have also made lots of bread too this week.

Another experiment I have on the go at the minute is a sour dough starter. I have made it from scratch and it is almost ready to use. I have never made sour dough bread but I thought I would give it a go. It is amazing to think this living starter has been made from just water and flour! I feed it twice a day and you can watch it grow in the jar. It is quite amazing.