This morning at 11am the shepherd turned up with 6 litres of fresh goats milk. So I set about making cheese. I decided to make fresh cheese to eat this week and some hard cheese to be left to mature for a few weeks. It´s really easy to make cheese, it seems to me that we have just become very lazy being able to go to the supermarket and buy it, but with the amount of fresh cheese I made today alone, I must have made my money back for the milk. I am hoping that when i have developed a few different recipes with herbs and vegetables included in the cheese, that I might sell some...you never know!
I have been updating the website too and taking photos of different things to show you all.
Today we had yet another water delivery. Another 10,000 litres...hopefully this will be the last one before the rains.

 They run the pipe from the lorry into the water store, easy to do but would be better if it rained and cheaper. This is not helping on our quest for self sufficiency...just proving Kev right and I can´t be having that now can I? ha ha!
We ate plums today from our tree...lovely. Some of the pears are beginning to fall but they are not ripe yet, as Kev found out when he just had to try and eat one. Also there are yellow raspberries ready to pick...they are beautiful, much better than from the shop.

Busy day today!!!! I got back to work on the seats round the terrace and managed to get quite a lot done.
 Before  After (Only the backs to do now!)
As Michelle has said, we have just had a water delivery. This went into the big tank at the back which we use to top up the pool and for watering the garden. Its worth giving Terens a mention here. (they delivered the water)
 It is a small family business who deal in all things construction, and as they are based in Casinos, I´ve spent a lot of time there!!!. They are all very helpful and nothing is too much trouble. For example, when I went to order the stuff to do the fencing, they spent time working out exactly what I needed. I´ve now got to feed the animals, then I´m going on a quick walk to try to locate some wood. After that, its watering time, then hopefully sit down and watch the Olympics!!!!