First of all, apologies for not posting for so long. We have been so busy here that I just have not been able to find the time to write a post. We have had back to back visitors since mid September but now things are calming down and this week we have been back to normal. 
How this month has flown. We are still trying to play catch up from the summer when everything stops, but having a long term visitor here to help out is a big bonus. 
In the last three weeks we have managed to make water feeders for all the animals. We have hung them from the fencing or trees. We have used buckets with lids and put water nipples at the bottom. We thought that the older chickens and ducks would not be happy using them but as it is they all use it. They are brilliant! They stop the evaporation and the water stays clean. It also means the work is less in that they only need filling up once every 2 or 3 days.

The cockerel using the water bucket.
All of the fencing is now finished. New gates have been made and all of the animals have been moved to their new runs. There were lots of little plants growing and snails galore for the ducks! They seem really happy out there. A big bonus at the minute is the feeders are being filled less often and Cranberry and the cockerel are no longer trying to kill each other!

Our younger black female turkey hen started laying eggs at the beginning of this month! They normally only lay in the Spring (so we are told). She is now sitting on a clutch of 13 and they should be hatching around the 10th of November. I just hope that she is a good mum and that the little ones will be able to survive the cold nights.

We have had 4 chicks hatch too since my last post. One was hatched in the banty run by 2 hens that seemed to be sharing the sitting duties. He is being well looked after as both of the hens are protecting him and all of the other hens have to really watch their step. If the get too close they are attacked by 2 hens from hell!!!!!

These are his 2 mums.The other 3 chicks were hatched out on the land. Just before we moved the animals a larger banty went broody on 4 eggs. This was her first time sitting and we are very happy that she has managed to hatch some. She is a great mum so far.

As for the garden...we have had a real disaster...all of the little seedlings have been eaten by snails. We are collecting them as we find them in the garden and feeding them to the ducks...but it is too late for our winter veg! This is really frustrating and disheartening. We seem to have had a really bad year in the garden...but on the bright side...things can only get better!