Almost a month since my last post. Time just seems to pass us by in the blink of an eye. So much emotional stuff has been happening here that I don't know whether we are on our heads or elbows! Oh my goodness where to start.

Almost a month ago my daughter in law passed away after a brave fight with ovarian cancer that spread. She left behind my son Luke and my grandson. Obviously as a mother first instinct was to go to them but my son wanted to come here for a few days, to try to take their minds off of what had just happened. So we had a happy but emotional weekend, with chicks hatching and Daniel (my grandson) getting to care for them. He played with the dogs, collected eggs, picked vegetables and generally was kept very busy.

2 and a bit weeks later and I was travelling to the UK for the funeral. My mum couldn't remember that Steph had passed and so we didn't think it a good idea for her to go. I made up a story about having to be with a friend who´s husband had been rushed into hospital, until their family arrived to be with them. Mum was ok with this and so she stayed with Kev while I flew back. The weekend was spent travelling up and down the country. The funeral was lovely, if funerals can be lovely. It was just how Steph would have wanted it. Then I flew home.
The day after getting back mum was helping doing the washing up after dinner, when I heard her shout me...she was sat on one of the kitchen stools saying she felt like she was going to pass out. I held her and shouted Kev and together we laid her on the kitchen floor. She had passed out but was also being sick. We got her into the recovery position and she started to come too but every time we tried to move her did she pass out again. She was making strange noises and her eyes were rolling in her head. Now this is the problem. She was very poorly and I thought we were going to lose her that night. I so wanted to call an ambulance to have all the pressure taken away from us, but if she went into hospital I know she will come out much worse along the journey of dementia. It is a real quandry. We rang a friend who said he would come and help if we needed him and would sort the ambulance for us too. As it was 30 minutes on the kitchen floor and moving her to the settee for another hour saw her recover totally from the experience. She walked herself to bed and I slept on the settee in case she needed me. The next day she was fine...this is when it hit me. We could lose her at any time. We think she had a mini stroke, my grandmother had this type of dementia and it is how she went. I am just so glad she was here, imagine if she was alone at home! Anyway we survived to fight another day but you can imagine the stress levels in this house.

So, now for the happier news of what has happened around here. While in the UK, my son Gary gave me a whistling kettle. I bought one here a few years ago and it rusted away...I haven't been able to find another one. It needs to be able to go on the range and the gas...this one does both. Its a camping kettle and it is brilliant.

The last time I posted we were having floors retiled. All 3 bedrooms have now been finished and I have a new step leading into my bedroom. Now anyone that has been here to stay will know the concrete has taken 9 years to get it changed. I am so think it looks great as steps go!

The weather here had been cold for this time of year. We have had frosts in November when normally they arrive in January. This meant we needed wood for the range and the bedroom fire. We have spent a couple of afternoons with the chainsaws chopping up logs to keep us warm.

Another job that has been finished here, is the Perspex on the terrace. We have finally got it all closed in. Yesterday was the first day with it all finished. The temp during the day was a lovely 26ºC on the terrace and at 10pm at night still around 20ºC. This morning when I got up, it was as warm as the house. This is going to make such a difference to the use this space gets in the winter. I am hoping we can eat our Christmas dinner out there this year, in the warm.

Kev taking down the bean plant to get the Perspex up.